Things I Just Now Started To Learn In 2016

The first and preeminent lesson is, of course, to publish end-of-year-themed posts at the end of the year instead of in February for literally no reason. I think we all learned something. But here are some other things I learned before that.

Things I Just Now Started To Learn In 2016:

  1. Openly addressing the fact that you are flawed doesn’t actually count as working on any of your flaws (and it definitely doesn’t make you better than anyone else).
  2. Anticipating misfortune is rarely, if ever, the same thing as problem solving, and worrying doesn’t count as being prepared.
  3. In certain lights, helping someone can look almost exactly like expecting them to be something.
  4. Sometimes things you don’t want to do because you assume they’d be awful actually aren’t which is why you should probably keep trying them on the off chance that you aren’t actually an infallible judge of the future.
  5. You can’t put yourself in a position where your personal happiness is dependent on whether or not someone else figures something out.
  6. Good things happening don’t guarantee bad things to come.Bad things and good things are both always going to happen and it’s your choice what to pay attention to.
  7. You have nothing to gain by proving to anyone that your life is hard.
  8.  Being alive is a goddamned gift.
  9. You can literally know nothing at all and people will still want you around if you have a good attitude.
  10. Expecting understanding from others as default while making no effort to understand others is completely nonsensical.


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