I Have A Book Now! (Don’t Everyone Start Taking Me Seriously All At Once)


Book might be a bit of a stretch. E-book, even, is pretty stretchy. But what I do have for you is the longest story I’ve ever written (digitally) bound and (metaphorically) printed and ready to be (e-)read by your gracious and lovely eye-holes!

The first half of the story, Love: A Cautionary Tale: Or, an extremely long short story about the treachery of love spells and one fairy named Cockscomb, is available for you to read on this very site, if you are feeling very protective of your 2.99 and are unsure it would be wise to trust me with such fundage on promise alone.

You can find the e-book (i.e. the sole basis for me feeling a newfound and completely false sentiment of Significance and Pretention) on Amazon! You can also click on the gaudy cover art above, because you can truly never have too many hyperlinks.


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