I Made A Poem Out Of An Eavesdropped Conversation

Cobbled together from snippets of a conversation between 4 college boys sitting in the Cup A Joe on Hillsborough Street:


You know how we only settled on Gator cause we need a codename?

She’s going out of town, she’s going to Honduras.

Get bunk beds, do karate…

Where do you work at, the station?

Yeah the place with outdoor seating.

Like where we play kickball?



I lost my jacket. The gray one you really liked, I like lost it forever.

I lost it in the middle of summer.


It felt like that, with Steven and Eric sleeping in the living room.

I asked Julie how it was and she was like it was great but you would have hated it.

I’m not, like, a junior in high school.


I showed them a voice memo of Joyce shouting at Jackson.

This red-neck neighbor shouting at Jackson for driving too fast.

He was like, I’ll show you a real fire.


He was like, it’s lit and there were like three haystacks.

My bad I was just talking about how great you are.


Doesn’t it start at like 12 o clock?



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