Death Worm: A Love Story

I’m generally not in favor of playing games on my iPhone; for one thing, I’ve had my phone so long that the battery has the approximate life of an octogenarian smoker who worked in a coal mine that someone has somehow built out of parts of a defunct nuclear power plant. For another, the temptation to multitask while walking is too high, and I try to refrain out of respectful memory for those whom I trampled during my “Words With Friends” craze. However, I have made space in my apps menu and in my life for one little game.

It’s called “Death Worm.”

The premise of the game is that you are in control of a giant mutant killer worm that grows the more it kills, while trying to avoid being stamped out by the ever-increasing military presence seeking to end the worm’s reign of terror.

For some reason there is something about the little pixelated monster that resonates with me. I think it’s the way that he just is what he is.

All these people, tanks, and military sanctioned helicopters keep trying to stop him but he won’t let any of them prevent him from doing what he was born to do; that is, the consumption and digestion of a truly impressive quantity of people, tanks, and military sanctioned helicopters.

Eventually, of course, the worm is inevitably stopped and the game ends in his grisly demise, to the perpetual satisfaction of the heartless wormkilling population of Generic Abandoned Desert Town, USA. No matter how much spunk or joie de vivre the creature has, the little monstrosity can’t catch a break, and the game inevitably resolves in a rain of Death Worm Body Segments. I hope, for the worm’s sake, that somewhere out there in the endless number of levels to be reached, one of them resolves with the townspeople bowing under the worm’s prowess and finesse at eating them, and clear out. America is all about chasing dreams, and I think it would be hypocritical to not side with the worm, frankly.


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